After the publication of various articles in the media linking Greek clubs to a European club competition, the GRLA is issuing the following statement:

A GRLA representative (George Stilianos) attended two teleconference meetings to discuss the matter.  After the first meeting, which was essentially an introduction to the idea, he and others in attendance were told that in order to attend the second meeting, where further details would be provided, that it was necessary to fill in an “application form”.  Stilianos was assured that by filling in the form, it did not commit GRLA to anything and that it was just part of the information process.  Since then however, Greece has been mentioned publicly by the organisers as being an “applicant” and has been portrayed as a supporter of this project.  GRLA is disappointed by this as we see it as misrepresentative of the position.

After discussing the situation with representatives from all of the Greek clubs, the GRLA publicly states that it is not a part of this project and would appreciate it if the organisers would kindly disregard our “application”. 

We do, however, wish the organisers best of luck with their endeavour.