Former New Zealand international Vinnie Anderson, who played 260 professional matches including the NRL and the Super League, is now coaching Villegailhenc in French Elite 2.
Last season, Anderson signed Greek national prop forward Stefanos Bastas, on the advice of Doncaster CEO Carl Hall, where Bastas had made 12 appearances in the previous season. He was soon joined by fellow Greek international Giannis Rousoglou as Villegailhenc looked to bolster their forward pack in the quest for promotion into Elite 1.
“We were very happy to have Stefanos and Giannis at Villegailhenc-Aragon last season. Stefanos joined us from Doncaster and made an immediate impact,” said Anderson.
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“He plays like a true warrior and has a very likeable personality. He is always wanting to learn, which is a great trait to have. Halfway through the season, we were looking to add some size to our pack so Stefanos recommended his friend Giannis.
“Giannis did not have the same experience as Stefanos so played a little less, but he is a tough player who puts his full force into each tackle. With each training and game, he made some progress and the French girls were sad to see him return to Greece.”
Bastas made a total of 15 appearances and Rousoglou 6 until the season was cut short and both returned home to Greece.
“Unfortunately, our season was cut short and we were unable to finish how we would have liked but hopefully we will see both of them playing in our jersey at some point in the future,” said Anderson.